There are some limitations, but not many.

  1. Be original. Content need not be completely original or exclusive but neither should you be using this as a “rebroadcast” station for cluttering the internet with multiple copies of something just as easily linked to.
  2. Don’t spam. Angry, twitchy, deeply suspicious delete-bots with trigger fingers will purge without warning, explanation, mercy, or appeal anything they even slightly suspect of having spammy, or shady intent.
  3. Be considerate. Use the NSFW (Not Safe For Work)  category /tag for anything not suitable for children or polite company, not safe for work, potentially disturbing, etc.
  4. Be real. This is just an internet site created as a joke and run as a hobby. It may become inaccessible. It may break. The administrator may die in an asteroid strike. Don’t expect permanence. Back up your good stuff independently.

That’s it so far. If the lack of a guideline becomes problematic, then  a new guideline will be added to address it. More than likely the offending thing that caused the new guideline will also be deleted ex post facto. You’ll just have to cope with that.